Isotopx to sponsor DINGUE 2013 in Florence

DINGUE meeting logo

Isotopx have announced sponsorship of the DINGUE 2013 noble gas meeting to be held in Florence on the 23rd and 24th of August 2013. The DINGUE  meeting is loosely attached to Goldschmidt which starts on 25 August in Florence to allow geochemists to easily attend both meetings.

DINGUE is an important meeting for the noble gas community since it concentrates solely upon technical and scientific aspects of noble gas applications to terrestrial and extra terrestrial science. Its close association with Goldschmidt also ensures that attendance is usually excellent.

Isotopx will have a booth at DINGUE and will present within the scientific programme on the NGX instrument.  Details of the presentation will be available from this website immediately after the meeting has closed but we will be using the opportunity to make the noble gas community aware of some of the more technical details of the instrument and its performance.

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